Teaching and Thesis Supervision

Teaching Areas

Since joining the school in July 2005, I have been teaching mainly in the areas of Web services and service oriented architectures. It’s time to move on to other greener teaching fields and I am planning to teach intro to Python and Database courses from 2019.

You can drop in my office to see me during consultation times, otherwise, please email me to arrange an appointment.

Thesis/Project Supervision

Honours Thesis Students

  • Nicholas Malecki, “Building A Robust Federated Learning Framework Under Byzantine Clients” (with Dr. Aleks Ignjatovic), 2020
  • Nhat Eric Nguyen, “Efficient document tracking system with blockchains for Supply Chain” (with Dr. Shiping Chen), 2020
  • Linchun Chen, “A Study of Transfer Learning: Where and How to Apply the Technology” (with Dr. Chen Wang), 2020
  • Gian Suebtrakul Kongruangkit, “Decentralized Data Sharing in Web 3.0: SOLID and Blockchains” (with Dr. Sherry Xu), 2019
  • James Martens, “Digital Identity Management with Blockchains” (with Dr. Qinghua Lu), 2019
  • Mark Newich, “IoT Vulnerability Database as a Service” (with Dr Praveen Gauravaram), 2019
  • Justin Lee, “Federated Machine Learning and Blockchains for Effective Data Sharing” (with Dr. Qinghua Lu), 2019
  • Tomas Donovic, “Data Quality Management on BlockchainS” (with Dr. Marco Commuzi), 2019
  • Vaishnavi Bapat, “Personal Assistant Tool for Reliable Online Information Gathering”, 2019
  • Ying Feng, “Deep Learning Visualisation” (with Dr. Chen Wang), 2019
  • Moyao Wang, “Table Extraction from PDF Documents” (with Dr. Cheng Wang), 2019
  • Marmik Panchal, “Predicting Bitcoin Prices with Induct RDR” (with Dr. Caren Han/USYD), 2018
  • Rimmal Nadeem, “Interpreting Deep Learning Model”, 2018
  • Peter Bishay, “Sunday School Management App”, 2018
  • Brandon Wong, “Composing Web API”, 2018
  • Eric Zhong, “TableBase: Towards a Table Extraction Management System”, 2018
  • Benjamin Haozhang Mo, “Towards Personal Process Management”, 2017
  • Kevin Rondo, “Interactive Cooking Recipe Query System”, 2017
  • Benjamin Timbrell, “TableBase: Towards a Table Extraction Management System”, 2017
  • Richard Zhang and Geoffrey Wen Jie Zhu, “Managing Social Network Profile”, 2015
  • Kang S., “A Platform for Creating Product and Services Comparison Sites”, 2014
  • Eliza Jane Wallace, “Keyword Expansion for Research Tools”, 2012
  • Hans Piendhy, “Form-based Process Management”, 2012
  • Prashanthan Ranjan and Ernest Lie, “Personal Process Management”, 2012
  • Vi Toan Do, “Ranking Social Network Feeds”, 2011
  • Maggie Mei Kee Hung, “Web Service Mashup Using Spreadsheet Environment”, 2010
  • Yen-Gin (Angel) Chuang , ”News Article Annotation System”, 2009
  • David Ling, ”Case Study: Business Process Modelling and Implementation – Research Application Tracking System”, 2008
  • Kitty Wu and Victor Chan, ”Calendar-Based Web Services Management”, 2008
  • Agnes Ro and Lily Xia, ”C2C Case Study: Service-Oriented Bill Payment Systems”, 2008
  • Chao Liang, ”A Tool for Model ling Privacy-Aware Web Service Protocol”, 2008
  • Barnabas Lau, ”Visualising Worklist”, 2007
  • Christopher Macauley, ”A Portal for Web Services”, 2007
  • Stephen Natawardaja and Yung Riady Budiman, ”XML-Based Forms Management”, 2006
  • Allen Chia-Lu Hu, Chung-Ju May Lee and Min Dong, ”Privacy Verification Tool for BPEL”, 2006
  • Alex Hwang, ”Yet Another Flow Management System”, 2006

Special Project Students (COMP3902/COMP9596)

  • Rahul Anand, Financial Table Extraction and Query, 2018
  • Monai Thangsuphanich, Blocking and indexing techniques for similar entity match, 2018
  • Yifan (Ivan) Fan, Supporting Complex Work in Crowdsourcing Platforms, 2015
  • Diyin (Nick) Zhou, Table Extraction from PDF Documents, 2015
  • Yang Wang, Personal Process Modelling from Activity Traces, 2013
  • Peng Owen Yuan, Table Processing from PDF Documents, 2013
  • Chao Huang, Business Process Conformance Tool for eTOM, 2012
  • Shiyuan Yao, Named Entity Resolution on Call for Papers, 2011
  • Wei Dong, Form-based Approval System, 2011
  • Rahul Arora, POLAR Network Messaging System, 2011
  • Timothy Ong, ”Personal Task Management System on Android”, COMP3902, S2, 2009.
  • Huangtao (Sean) Xiong and Xu Zhao, ”WayFarer: Flexible Trip Planner”, COMP9596, S2, 2009.
  • Chen (Richard) Chen and Qian Li (Scott) Zhu, ”A Generic Framework for Building Research Area Tracker”, COMP9596, S2, 2009.
  • Robertus Setiawan Aji Nugroho, ”Location-based Personal Process Guide”, COMP9596, S1 2009.
  • Sean Soerjanto, ”Interactive Storytelling and Business Process Modelling”, COMP3902, S1 2009.
  • Liangliang (Pop) Zheng, ”Personal Task Management System”, COMP9596, S1 2009.
  • Fei Teng, Liang Zhao and Xiaomin Wu, ”Cloud Platform Evaluation”, joint supervision with A/Prof. Anna Liu, COMP9596 S1 2009.
  • Mukthar Shiek, ”Data Mashup Platform”, COMP9596, S1 2008.
  • Chen Liang, ”Topic-based Online Bibliography Management System”, COMP9596, S2 2007
  • Xin Chen, ”Email and Forum Integration”, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Phupha Punyapotasakul, ”Model Driven Web-based Application Development”, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Jun Chen, ”Enforcing Privacy Policy on BPEL”, COMP9596, S2 2006.
  • Saphira Heijen, ”Workflow Management System Administration Models”, Queensland University of Technology, Masters Thesis, 2005
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