Demo and Presentations

If you are interested in any of the ideas behind these systems and want to develop them further, let me know!

TEXUS (Table Extraction from PDF Documents)

Live demo of the system is available from this server:

A simple PDF table query system (deep learning approach)

Developed by Rahul Anand as a special project work. A video demo is available from here:

Video presentation of PDF document query system

Visualising Interpretable Decision Boundaries of Deep Learning Models

Developed by Rimmal Nadeem as a thesis project work. A video demo and presentation is available.

Video Demo of DeX (by Rimmal Nadeem)

A live demo system is available here:

Mobile Personal Process Management (Smart To-do list management)

Combining the idea of workflow/process templates and personalised/smart To-Do List. A well planned and execute thesis. I really liked what my students have managed to do on a mobile phone which was quite limited back then (by Ernest Lie and Parashanthan Ranjan).

Video presentation by Ernest and Prashanthan

Wayfarer (A smart trip organiser)

The implementation was based on the idea of organising a trip/itinerary based on “constraint-aware” suggestions.  The idea could be much better implemented now with APIs and much integrated internet computing environment. 

Wayfarer – video presentation

Bill Organiser Portal (A simple end-user mashup concept)

This was a fun thesis project from a while back by Agnes Ro and Lily Xia. It is probably dated now, but I still like the idea … brilliant students :-).

A video demo and presentation is available from here:

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